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The curricula run in the school are developed in such a way as to meet the standards set by designated national authorities for secondary education and are in addition drawn to:

(1) Provide Christian based educational programmes
(2) Provide good basic and sound foundation for the understanding of the Bible
(3) Prepare the students in an all round development of learning prowess, be it in vocational, professional or academic fields;
(4) Encourage and develop individual talents in sports, cultural activities, science and the arts.
(5) Inculcate the spirit of selfless leadership and self discipline through the encouragement of personal Bible study, Royal ambassadors, Girls Auxiliary, Baptist Student Fellowship programmes and participation in Christian worship;
(6) Provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for all the students to be able to attain their objectives through adequate and qualitative staffing, sound management practice and provision of appropriate/suitable infrastructural facilities/resources.


The JS School which is now an extension of the Proprietor’s Nursery and Primary School in Garki by the revised National Policy now known as Universal Basic Education (UBEC) offers the subjects leading to the award of Junior Secondary School certificates of the Education Resource Centre (ERC) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration and National Education Council (NECO). The subjects are divided into Core, Vocational and Non Vocational

Core Subjects:

Mathematics, English, Nigeria Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Art and Music, Practical/Agriculture, Religious and Moral Instruction, Physical Education, and French.

Pre-Vocational Subject:

Wood work, Metal work, electronics, Local craft, Home Economics, Business Studies, and Introductory Technology.

Non-Vocational Subject:

Computer Education

1. At the end of 3 years, it is possible to continue in the Senior Secondary School or

2. Go to a Technical School: or

3. Go to a Teacher Training School

It is important to note that all the three areas lead to Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) equivalents plus a vocational certification in case of either the Technical or Teacher Training School


The Senior Secondary School is for those who are capable of passing Junior Secondary Examinations at levels good enough to complete the 6 year curriculum. Students are prepared WAEC,NECO & UME

Core Subjects:

Compulsory – English Language; Mathematics; One Nigeria Language other than one’s own native language from Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa.

1. At least one of Physics, Chemistry or Biology

2. At least one of Literature in English/History/Geography.

3. Agricultural Science or Home Economics or Clothing and Textile.

4. Bible Knowledge.

The school provides opportunities for the following electives – Biology, Chemistry, Economics; English Literature; Agricultural Science; Physics; Further Mathematics; History/Government; Geography Home Management; Technical Drawing; French; Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa; Food and Nutrition.

NB: In JS. 3, students will sit for the state examination and the school mock, while those that pass will be promoted to SS. 1. In SS. 2, with the help of the school Career Master/Mistress or Guidance Counselor, students will be guided to select subjects for future career through which they will be thoroughly prepared to sit for the Senior Secondary School Certificate examination (SSCE). Students can offer minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 subjects at the SSCE. The School also makes arrangement to prepare and present the SSCE students for tertiary institutions’ matriculation examination (the UMTE)

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